June 24, 2020

Does God Show Favoritism? | The Simple Truth of James 2:6

Does God Show Favoritism? | The Simple Truth of James 2:6


Major class divisions occurred in the Middle East during the time of James' writing. The rich were guilty of oppressing the Christians. They would take them to court, abuse them, and take advantage of them.

James addresses the fact that these early church members, who were mainly poor people, were going out of their way to treat these wealthy people good.

But the truth is these were the very people who were treating the poor people cruelly. 

In 2 Minutes you will discover:

  1. How the Greek word for "dishonor" reveals a different shade of meaning to how we treat the poor
  2. How the Wealthy Roman's exploited the poor during the 1st Century
  3. How God does not show favoritism to anyone

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Hey! Welcome to The Simple Truth Bible Study Podcast. I’m Julie Carruth. 

Today I want to talk with you about how God does not show favoritism. 

This week we’ve been examining how we can put our faith into action when faced with the challenge of social discrimination. James illustrates social discrimination with the story of the rich man who was treated more favorably at the expense of the poor man.

That’s why James says in James 2:6 in the NIV, “But you have dishonored the poor. Is it not the rich who are exploiting you? Are they not the ones who are dragging you into court?

The Greek word for dishonor means to treat shamefully. Or in other words, to treat the poor as if we are ashamed of them. 

In the First Century, there were major class divisions in the Middle East. Wealthy landowners were buying up more and more land and forcing the poor to work for them. The rich unbelievers would take advantage of the poor by suppressing their earnings. They would persecute Christian believers by dragging them into court (the word James uses in this verse literally means to tyrannize) knowing that they did not have the financial means to defend themselves. And according to the Greek verb tense James here, this was a repeated action taken against the less fortunate.

But, can we say, “Thank You, God” that God doesn’t treat us this way? God doesn’t play favorites. When God handed out spiritual gifts, He didn’t discriminate based upon outward appearances. When God gave you the gift of salvation, He didn’t do it based upon your net worth. You see, God sees your heart. He chose you before the foundations of the world and called you out by name. Today you have the opportunity to put your faith into action by helping those who are less fortunate and whom the world sees as poor, but, you, as an ambassador of Christ, you see them as God sees them, as heirs of the Kingdom.  And that’s The Simple Truth. 

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