June 17, 2020

How to Be Blessed (Even During Trials) | JAMES 1:25

How to Be Blessed (Even During Trials) | JAMES 1:25

In James 1:25, James gives us the secret to finding success in any trial.

In only 2 minutes, you will discover:

  • How the Greek word for “look” helps deepen our understanding of what God wants us to do
  • How to put this verse into context with the surrounding verses
  • The 2 keys to being blessed

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Hey! Welcome to The Simple Truth. I’m Julie Carruth. 

In yesterday’s podcast we explored the idea of someone who casually looks into the Word of God and sees things that need to change in their own lives, and yet walks just away and forgets everything they just learned.

Which brings us directly into today’s verse which says in JAMES 1:25 in the NIV, “But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do.” 

We learned yesterday that people in James’ day had to bend over to see their reflection in a mirror. James uses that same idea here when he refers to a person who looks intently into the perfect law.

The word for “look” here in the Greek language means to stoop over and look at closely or to carefully examine.  It gives us the idea of looking into God’s Word every day with such purpose and such focus that you’re always looking for God’s Wisdom on how to do something AND then you go do it.   

And, when you keep this verse in the context of searching for God’s wisdom in trials,  this verse tells us that the person who looks seriously into the Word will experience life changing transformation and blessings that come from hearing and doing the Word of God. And that’s The Simple Truth. 

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How simple is that? I’m Julie Carruth. I’ll see you again tomorrow. 

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