July 28, 2020

This Could Be the Reason You Don’t Get What You Ask God For | James 4:3 Bible Podcast

This Could Be the Reason You Don’t Get What You Ask God For | James 4:3 Bible Podcast


In yesterday's Bible Study Podcast, James told us the reason we don't get what we need is because we do not ask. 

But what do you say to someone who prays and still doesn't receive what they are asking for?

Join us in today's Bible Podcast as we explore the reason we don't get what we pray for in James 4:3.


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JULIE 0:05

Hey, welcome to The Simple Truth. I’m Julie Carruth. 

This week we’ve been exploring James Chapter 4. The early church evidently had a lot of bickering and fighting going on and James says it’s due to their inner lustful desires. 

Yesterday, James said that the solution to their problem was that they didn’t ask God for what they needed. 

Now, you can almost hear the objection, even 2,000 years later, “But James, we DO ask God for things, but just we never get what we ask for.” 

To which, James responds in James 4:3, “you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.”

The purpose of prayer is not to convince God to do something for us. We don’t pray to manipulate God into providing for our selfish desires. 

 The word “spend” here is the exact same verb used for how the Prodigal Son spent his inheritance. He spent it on his own lustful desires.  These are destructive desires, and a loving God does not want that for you. 

So, does this mean God doesn’t want us to have a decent and comfortable living? No. James isn’t saying that God doesn’t want to give you good gifts. But what he is saying is that God won’t pour out His blessings upon an extravagant lifestyle that aims to please your own flesh and gratify your own carnal desires. 

Do you use what God has given you to honor and glorify God? Or do you hoard it like the man in Luke 12:19 who lays up plenty of grain for years so that he can eat, drink and be merry? Or like the rich man in Luke 16, who lived in joyous splendor and did nothing for the beggar covered in open wounds outside the gate who longed to be fed with the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table? 

So your simple Truth for today: Examine your motives when you ask God for something in prayer.  

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I’m Julie Carruth. I’ll see you again tomorrow.