Oct. 16, 2020

What Does Philippians 2:2 Mean?

What Does Philippians 2:2 Mean?

In Philippians 2:1, Paul makes a case for unity within the church in Philippi. As a follower of Christ, you naturally experience 4 blessings that come from a relationship with God.

In today's Bible verse of the day in Philippians 2:2, Paul continues with this thought to show what naturally results because of these blessings.

But why should this matter to you?

Because God needs you in His Church to build unity. 

Satan will do everything he can to destroy relationships within God's Church. But God has empowered you with everything you need to help build up the Church body. 

Listen to today's 2-minute message to discover the 4 qualities that you need to embrace in your life in order to be used mightily by God today. 


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Hey, welcome to The Simple Truth. I’m Julie Carruth.

In Philippians 2:1, Paul gives 4 blessings that we experience as followers of Christ. These include encouragement, comfort, fellowship, and compassion. Today, Paul gives us 4 things that naturally result from those 4 blessings that build unity within the Church. 

So, picking up from Philippians 2:1, Paul says I’m paraphrasing here, “If these things are true, and as a believer you know they are” and then verse 2 says quote, “then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind.

So, Paul says make my joy complete by being joined in perfect unity. How?

Number 1. Be like-minded. In other words, have the same attitude of Christ. Humble yourselves and serve others. Paul will elaborate on this later in the letter.

Number 2. Have the same love. That is Agape love - God’s kind of love. It’s an unconditional love that desires another’s highest good. 

Number 3. Be ONE in spirit. Have the same desires, passions, and ambitions as Christ did for His Church. 

Number 4. Be of ONE mind. The word for “mind” really means “attitude.” You have the mind of Christ. Therefore, your thinking should be the same as Christ who humbled himself and puts others needs above his own needs. 

So, your simple truth for today: Because you experience the incredible blessings that come from a relationship with Jesus Christ (found in the verse 1), naturally God’s agape love flows through you to others. Your humble attitude that treats other’s as you would want to be treated will build unity within God’s Church.


Hey, thank you for sharing this podcast with those whom God lays on your heart.

I’m Julie Carruth, and I can’t wait to see you again very soon.