June 25, 2020

What Does "To Whom You Belong" Really Mean in James 2:7?

What Does "To Whom You Belong" Really Mean in James 2:7?

James uses a common Semitic phrase to describe our relationship with God in James 2:7.

Unpack the deeper meaning of this by exploring the original Greek language.

Explore the history and culture behind this phrase and how it defines who you really are as a Child of God!

In only 2 minutes you will discover:

  1. Who are the blasphemers James is referring to in James 2:7
  2. How a young slave's life changed when they became a follower of Christ
  3. What it means to have a name "called" over you

There are so many great things to discover when you dig deeper that you don't see on the surface of this verse. Enjoy!

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Hey! Welcome to The Simple Truth Bible Study Podcast. I’m Julie Carruth. 

Today, I want to talk to you about Who’s name you carry. 

Yesterday, we learned about how the wealthy landowners exploited the poor in the Middle East during the first century. James says in Chapter 2 Verse 7, “Are they (meaning the rich) not the ones who are blaspheming the noble name of him to whom you belong?”

Scholars believe that the blasphemers here are rich people who rejected the name of Jesus Christ as Messiah. 

You see, once a poor young slave committed his life to Christ, he believed he was owned by God. So, on the day of worship, the slave left work behind to join other Christians. And when asked to lie or cheat for the landowner, they would no longer do it.  

In the rich man’s mind, this Christianity thing was absurd and costing him money. The rich unbeliever felt that no educated man would believe in that nonsense. 

But, James says that you know who you belong to.

According to the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary, the Greek here literally reads: “the good name that has been called over you.”

This is a common Semitic phrase. When a name is “called” over you, it means to be owned by that person. In other words, you belong to the person whose name you claim.

This is similar to the idea that a wife takes her husband’s last name, or a child takes his father’s name. As a follower of Christ, you take on Christ’s name. You belong to him.

 And as a child of the King, everywhere you go, you carry His name and His likeness.

Today, you have the opportunity to share God’s love and compassion with everyone. And regardless of how the world sees them, you see them as valuable and worthy of love.

And that’s The Simple Truth.

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