Jan. 22, 2021

What's the Slave Market Have to do with Your Freedom? | Colossians 1:14

What's the Slave Market Have to do with Your Freedom? | Colossians 1:14

Colossians 1:14, NIV: "in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins."

Colossians 1:14, NLT: "who purchased our freedom and forgave our sins."

Do you ever feel distant from God? You ever have days where you wonder how a Holy God could love a sinner like you?

Paul already knew what you were thinking, and wrote this verse for you.

Check out today's 2-minute episode to see the incredible story and history behind the word "redemption."

You'll begin to see how your life is comparable to a slave for sale on the ancient slave market.

Listen now!

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SUBJ: Christ Gave Everything for Your Freedom | Colossians 1:14

Hey, welcome to The Simple Truth Bible study podcast. I’m Julie Carruth. 

When Paul wrote Colossians, His one purpose was to teach followers of Christ that we have everything that we need in Christ alone, and that includes a relationship with a holy God that can never be broken. How’s that possible? Paul tells us here in today's verse of the day here in Colossians 1:14, He writes through Christ,  “we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” Or to put it in even simpler terms, the new living translation says Christ  “purchased our freedom and forgave our sins.”

This Greek word for “redemption” means “to deliver by payment of a ransom.” Paul used a visual here that would have been very familiar to the 1st century Christians in the Roman Empire. 

In the ancient slave markets, a person could come in, pay a price for a slave who was up for sale, and once he’s paid the price, he could do anything he wanted with the slave. He could make the slave his own, or he could set the slave free. This person could even purchase the entire line of slaves in the marketplace and release all of them. 

That’s what redemption means. 

In this particular context, Paul is saying that we were enslaved to sin and the Kingdom of darkness, as we discussed yesterday, but Christ bought us and freed us. 

And Christ purchased our freedom through his death on the cross. 

Hebrews 9:22 tells us that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. 

And John 3:16 says that Christ’s blood offers forgiveness to all who believe in Him. 

So, your Simple Truth for today: Christ gave everything, including his own life, to set you free and restore a relationship with you now and forever. Any sins you have committed in the past, present, and future have been paid in full. Your slate is wiped clean. Your job now is live life as a Child of the King. 

Hey, thanks for joining us today.

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